Project Brief:

The Digitalization of the State Judiciary.

Step 01

The Lagos State Judiciary has always been known for being Pace Setters with regards to ensuring the administration of Justice is attained with ease for those seeking its intervention. To this end, we were tasked with the responsibility of creating a viable platform for this arm of government to engage with her various stakeholders – citizens of Lagos State and those who seek to practice the rule of law in Lagos State, by way of engagement and consistent interaction to help provide an avenue of feedback and knowledge of new projects, as well as reforms being introduced by each administration as they occur.

Step 02

Bearing in mind the uniqueness of this task – being the first of its kind the world over. The Judiciary arm of government is known to be extremely discreet and with good reason. Luckily for us, there has been a stellar reputation already created by the Lagos State Judiciary for being highly efficient and forward thinkers.

Our solution was to study the world that is the State’s Judiciary, by having a better understanding of their key demographic, psychographic, the creation of online platforms to deploy, as well as recreate a vibrant yet subtle visual identity of the brand. The daily copies & messaging across the pre-selected platforms. Weekly reviews, evaluations and measurement of achievements.

Step 03

Efforts in improving media relations resulted in an average of 7-10 features of unique press materials per week, in total this amounted to 870 press features, with an estimated reach of over 500,000 readers weekly, and over TWO million social media shares and mentions within a space of 6 months once the project commenced.

Being the first of its kind the world over, in Africa and Nigeria, we built a community of Legal Professionals that sought information about the State’s Judiciary with ease from the comfort of their mobile devices. Information such as; court sittings, Judges’ availability, Annual Retreat Coverage, change in policies etc… In addition, we provided Events Management and Media Relations services for the State Judiciary’s FOUR major annual retreats. This was a resounding success as we ushered in initiatives that eased the process of information being passed from the Judiciary to her various stakeholders.

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