Grow your customer base, increase direct traffic and revenue to your website with well-targeted email marketing.

Increased Engagement = Increase in Revenue

With a strategic approach to time, content and audience database, email marketing is a foremost digital marketing revenue-generating medium.

Why Your Business Needs our Email Marketing Service

  • Connect With Your Customers

    Email Marketing connects you directly to your customers at every given point in time. Utilized wisely, unengaged customers can become life long brand advocates for your business. Email marketing is a great marketing tool.

  • Measurable Results

    Email Marketing is a highly measured form of marketing. As it provides you with reporting in contrast to your database. Ensuring ease of marketing strategy adjustments when required.

  • Success Metrics

    With email marketing campaigns, email titles, design layout, content length, call to action etc ... can make or mar your entire email marketing newsletter strategy.

Does Email Marketing Work?

With the popularization of social media networks which allows for seamless connectivity, comes the notion that email marketing is outdated. Fortunately, this is farther from the truth as the figures indicate below state otherwise.

  • Email Newsletters are 5x more likely to gain click-throughs compared to other forms of marketing.
  • 55% of subscribers state that marketing emails have influenced their buying decisions.
  • Everyone has an email account. So how is your business mining their database to keep them engaged?
  • 60% of business professionals have their emails configured to their mobile phones
  • Over 65% of consumers state emails being their preferred mode of communication with the brands they support.

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