Maximise your Brands’ Capabilities with our Extensive Marketing Consultancy and Advisory Services.

We work with businesses and individuals in maximising the various opportunities the marketing and communication world avails. All from a practical and an experienced approach.

Let’s give your business a firm Marketing foundation through our Consultancy Services. 

  • Marketing Strategy

    Having a well-defined Marketing Strategy does put things into perspective for businesses that are stuck and need a fresh outlook. We provide a well-rounded strategy which ensures a positive outlook on how your brand is perceived and an increase in ROI.

  • Conversion Avenues

    Without experienced knowledge, one can easily overlook the various conversion avenues your business ought to tap into. This is a major reason why our clients seek us out to improve their conversion rate as well as plug the loopholes in their Marketing.

  • Innovation & Sustainability

    To succeed in an ever-changing digital world, being innovative cannot be ignored. How is your business maximising every marketing channel? How are they engaging them to bring about leads generation to your brand? How is your marketing budget being utilized MoM? Are your strategies sustainable?

Who are Marketing Consultants?

We are thrilled you asked!

A Marketing Consultant is an experienced, professional marketer who is cognisance of the ever-changing trends, strategies and execution of a brand. The individual is a wealth of knowledge given the experience and track record attained across sectors.

Our consultants have one goal in mind for every one of our clients and that is to help their businesses gain more leads and sales.

We consult for small businesses as well as large corporations with an in-house communications department. 

Need to create a fully functional internal communications department? We’ve got you! From recruitments to setting up process flows and structures. Let us know how we can be of help to your business.

Our Consulting Process at Pandora Agency

  • Initial Consultation

    At this stage, we simply would love to know more about you, your business and expectations. That is, what are your business goals, your company size, expectations, budget and so on?

  • Analyze

    Once we are set to begin, your dedicated Consultant will carry out audits on your accounts and analyse current and or past strategies deployed.

  • Implementation

    Our Marketing Consultancy service was created to arm businesses with the right Marketing knowledge in creating effective measurable campaigns. Suggestions on how to optimize strategies for pre-set marketing goals and lots more.

  • Monitor & Optimize

    You cannot optimize what you do not measure, we generate detailed reports with every campaign run to determine the success of strategies deployed. What are the current trends? Should we bid higher or maintain the current bid strategy?

Why Choose Pandora Agency

  • Customized For Your Business

    At Pandora Agency, we take a one-on-one approach with every client brief received, regardless of industry, we do not believe in the one size fits all approach in attending to each client's brief.

  • Experience & Expertise

    We understand that you may have an existing marketing or communications unit in charge of your day to day operations, we are here to work with you confidentially to ensure your business goals are met and your marketing unit functioning as it should.

  • A Full-Service Marketing Agency

    As a full-service agency with a wide array of media partners and affiliates at our disposal, we can do more than consult for your business, we can serve as an extended Marketing department ready to flawlessly execute your marketing briefs.