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Increase your customer base with our social media advertising services.

Connect your business offerings to hundreds and thousands of prospective buyers who require your products or services.

Our Social Media Advertising Services for your business

Facebook Advertising Service

Leverage the most popular Social Media Advertising platform in reaching your customers and strategically achieve set marketing objectives - website traffic, lead generation, Page Following, and more.

Instagram Advertising Service

Instagram is the most visually captivating platform, which can prove highly useful for your products and services. Capture your customers across Instagram feed as well as Instagram stories with well-tailored ad strategies to meet your marketing objectives.

Twitter Advertising Service

Often overlooked but an optimal platform for awareness generation and website conversion B2B and B2C alike. We have carried out highly effective campaigns for several clients on the 140 character platform.

LinkedIn Advertising Service

With over 90 Million users and worldwide professionals. LinkedIn is a platform for niche B2B brands without an exemption for B2C brands, creating a viable presence on the revered platform.

What You Should Expect From Us

Accountable Ad Spend

We account for every advertising budget allocated by our clients. From the littlest Kobo to the highest Naira, for every advert carried out, a weekly report is shared. No jargon, no big grammar, no farce.

Pre-defined Audience

All demographic and psychographic audiences will be predefined to ensure every dollar spent accounts for a return on investment to your marketing goals’ success.


Our Advertising Process at Pandora Agency

  • A Dedicated Accounts Manager

    With over a decade of advertising across social media, we are vast in the knowledge of what has worked and what hasn't within these platforms. Our account managers will help you reduce costs while increasing results.

  • Custom Advertising Strategy

    Do not spend another advertising budget without an advertising strategy. Our strategies are customized to your business and marketing goals. This will include a sales funnel converting prospects to paying customers.

  • Engaging & Interactive Ads

    You should expect engaging ad copies, headlines, taglines, and images to accompany every advertising campaign. Also, A/B tests to determine which ads are mostly identified with and would convert.

  • Measurements and Reporting

    We develop detailed weekly reports addressing your ad performance as well as the amount spent. We keep an eye out on your campaigns, ensuring the optimal performance of ads that convert.

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