Project Brief

The creation of social media platforms for one of Nigeria’s foremost indigenous fashion house – David Wej, develop daily content to serve as interactive and educative materials on these platforms and lastly, execute quarterly/bi-annual fashion-themed marketing campaigns on behalf of the brand.

Step 1 - The WHY

Taking into cognise the business goals, niche clientele and core values of the organization, we launched David Wej online, a real-time information dissemination platform whereby potential and existing customers of the brand could easily view newly launched ready-to-wear items across the brand’s social pages.

Step 2 - Finding the Need

Leveraging existing data of the brand with regards to FAQs by customers ( call-ins or walk-ins) to the store, we were able to come up with the following strategy: • The pay-in-instalment scheme – Loyalist of the brand could make purchases within a set limit and have payment made over a specified period of time.

• Develop a new line of product geared toward a niche set of customers who preferred item drop-offs and not necessarily visit the store to make a purchase.

• Create a new line of products – socks, undergarments etc …

• Strategically showcase and bring awareness to new product lines through themed shoots

• Quarterly marketing strategies geared towards each holiday season.

This strategy was effective and a welcome development as the brand garnered additional loyalist across the African and global continent. As well as those of the upcoming generation – Gen Z & X.

Step 3 - Measure & Enjoy Lasting Results

For every strategy we explore, it must be measurable to be effective. With this strategy saw various gains for David Wej as a brand. The objective behind the brief was to have David Wej be seen in a unique light which gives credence to all that the brand stands for — Stylish Elegance.

Client’s Feedback: Plain and simple, our digital presence won’t be what it is today without the forward-thinking approach Kehinde and her team deployed in creating what is now called David Wej online, they did pave the way for all that we’ve now built the brand upon digitally and for this, we are always grateful. We will be working with them again and again.

– Mr David Eweje – CEO, David Wej

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