Dradrock Real Estate


Marketing Consultancy, Training, Brand Name Development, Creative Services

“Pandora agency delivers 100% value, and they are very good at what they do. When we engaged Pandora, we received measurable and result-oriented solutions; they are custom-made to our specific requirements.”
Temidayo Agida
CEO Dradrock


Dradrock Real Estate, a budding real estate firm based in Lagos, Nigeria


Dradrock Real Estate required our Consultancy services to help its in-house team strategize, advise and evaluate its overall marketing efforts. We were to provide all creatives needed for marketing purposes and social media campaigns in the same vein.


Increase in brand awareness, better brand perception, and maximize the various marketing strategies available to better position it.


Training Sessions

One-on-One training sessions with the Head of Marketing and other members of the marketing team


Researching and stating potential mutual beneficial Partnerships and Alliances across niche sectors

Marketing Strategies

Coherent ways in creating effective marketing strategies

Efficient in-house Marketing Team

Creating an efficient in-house marketing team

Creative Designs

Creative designs to aide all marketing efforts

In addition: Coordinating and executing a marketing strategy for emerging real estate at once is no easy feat for either party.

But with weekly group-ups with our certified Principal Consultant and visibility into delivery timelines, we were able to track marketing efforts and map out a lifelong measurable internal marketing plan and strategy which the brand still uses.


  • Thought leadership and N50 Million was generated on the first crowdfunding campaign initiated. 
  • We sold out its first-ever Farm sponsorship in 5 weeks.
  • Working on its platform, we created a user-friendly seamless sponsorship experience and enhanced its SEO through valuable content.
  • Leveraging Social media and Google Ads, we spent $1,296 in Ads and generated $20,803 in returns.
  • Growing the brand’s following from scratch to over 7000 followers across all social platforms organically in 6 months, without ads or promotions, leveraged only quality content distribution.
  • Further diversification of their business opportunities, opening up two new businesses – Meat Depo and Selema Rice to the Nigerian Market.
  • Through Reputation Management, the Brand fostered alliances with WHO, the Federal and State governments alike.