DSA Lagos


Website Design & Development,

"I’ve been working with Pandora Agency for over a year, and we found them to be extremely professional. They are always available to respond swiftly anytime we reach out to them. Their willingness to take on new projects and provide quality advice is also noteworthy. They virtually helped build my brand from what it was to what it is today, from 0 followership and recognition to 5000 organic followers in less than 6 months. They also handle all our brand media and various channels of communication. They are very competent, and I would recommend them to anybody"
Sola Omidiran
CEO Selema Farms Limited



DSA Lagos is a Fashion Brand that DESIGNS CUSTOM GARMENTS FOCUSED AT ACCENTUATING THE BEAUTY OF THE WEARER BEARING IN MIND “A LOVE TO LAST A LIFETIME” TYPE OF COMFORT. We were engaged to revamp its website to capture the exquisiteness of its debut collection “Escapism 2021”


Understanding the brand’s need through consultation, as is our custom, the technical solution we proposed made use of several modern web frameworks to build a comprehensive yet straightforward system. Our web design team developed a modern WordPress website boasting of updated design and functionality.


A well designed and informative website

A highly functional website that met the business objectives of our client


  • Thought leadership and N50 Million was generated on the first crowdfunding campaign initiated. 
  • We sold out its first-ever Farm sponsorship in 5 weeks.
  • Working on its platform, we created a user-friendly seamless sponsorship experience and enhanced its SEO through valuable content.
  • Leveraging Social media and Google Ads, we spent $1,296 in Ads and generated $20,803 in returns.
  • Growing the brand’s following from scratch to over 7000 followers across all social platforms organically in 6 months, without ads or promotions, leveraged only quality content distribution.
  • Further diversification of their business opportunities, opening up two new businesses – Meat Depo and Selema Rice to the Nigerian Market.
  • Through Reputation Management, the Brand fostered alliances with WHO, the Federal and State governments alike.