Lagos State Judiciary


Graphic Design, Social Media, Crowdfunding Campaigns, Reputation Management

“On behalf of the Lagos State Judiciary, I write to commend you for the pioneering service rendered in New Media to the state judiciary during my administration as the Chief Judge of Lagos State. I want to note particularly your diligent service, smart work, integrity, and innovation which you brought to the job”
Hon Mr. Justice Opeyemi O.Oke.
Chief Judge of Lagos State


The Lagos State Judiciary is a government institution that has existed since 1967.


We pioneered the creation and management of social media pages for the state Judiciary the first of its kind in Africa at that time. We were tasked with the responsibility of creating and managing the digital platform for the state’s third arm of government to engage with her various stakeholders, that is, citizens of Lagos State and those who seek to practice the rule of law in the State.

By way of engagement and consistent interaction to help provide an avenue of feedback and knowledge of new projects, as well as reforms being introduced by each administration as they occur.


This initiative had never been attempted in the history of the organisation and government institutions in Nigeria. However, it was gladly embraced and served as another avenue for the state government in communicating with its target audience.


Brand Digitalisation

Over a million shares and mentions within a space of 6 months.


Our solution and efforts in improving media relations resulted in an average of 5-10 features of unique press materials per week, with an estimated reach of over 500,000 readers weekly.


A new communication avenue for the state Judiciary. This was the first of its kind in Nigeria for the 3rd arm of the government. By way of consistent engagement and interaction across its various channels, we help provide an avenue of feedback and knowledge of new projects, as well as reforms being introduced by each administration as they occur


  • Thought leadership and N50 Million was generated on the first crowdfunding campaign initiated. 
  • We sold out its first-ever Farm sponsorship in 5 weeks.
  • Working on its platform, we created a user-friendly seamless sponsorship experience and enhanced its SEO through valuable content.
  • Leveraging Social media and Google Ads, we spent $1,296 in Ads and generated $20,803 in returns.
  • Growing the brand’s following from scratch to over 7000 followers across all social platforms organically in 6 months, without ads or promotions, leveraged only quality content distribution.
  • Further diversification of their business opportunities, opening up two new businesses – Meat Depo and Selema Rice to the Nigerian Market.
  • Through Reputation Management, the Brand fostered alliances with WHO, the Federal and State governments alike.