Zen Concepts


Marketing Activation

"Due to the incredible marketing efforts carried out by Pandora Agency, the Lagos market for Benny chicken has been secured for the next 13 months. "
Joe Kawimbe Jnr
Co-CEO Zen Concepts


Zen Concepts is an experienced Marketing And Communications company with a formidable work portfolio across multiple countries, disciplines, and industries spanning  30 Years’ collective experience.


This was a partnership between another experienced marketing and communications firm with footprints across the African continent.


Reintroduction of Benny Chicken Stock – into the Nigerian market; Zen Concepts required our Marketing activation services. We were to carry out activation in significant markets across Lagos State. Our Key points areas for the open activation in Lagos State was Oke Arin Market, Lagos Island, Agege Market, Agege, Ikotun Market, Ikotun, Mile-12 Market, Mile-12, and Ketu markets.


Measurable Strategy

Our team of experts developed a measurable strategy detailing touchpoints, marketing plan, target audience, marketing Budget, and Measurement metrics.

Huge Income

An income of over 30 Million Naira by our field marketing team in the space of one month.

Reintroduction of Brand

In one month, we reintroduce Benny Chicken Stock into the Lagos market, reaching over 5 million new and potential consumers of the brand.


  • Thought leadership and N50 Million was generated on the first crowdfunding campaign initiated. 
  • We sold out its first-ever Farm sponsorship in 5 weeks.
  • Working on its platform, we created a user-friendly seamless sponsorship experience and enhanced its SEO through valuable content.
  • Leveraging Social media and Google Ads, we spent $1,296 in Ads and generated $20,803 in returns.
  • Growing the brand’s following from scratch to over 7000 followers across all social platforms organically in 6 months, without ads or promotions, leveraged only quality content distribution.
  • Further diversification of their business opportunities, opening up two new businesses – Meat Depo and Selema Rice to the Nigerian Market.
  • Through Reputation Management, the Brand fostered alliances with WHO, the Federal and State governments alike.