Marketing for B2B brands requires more than a business plan

For a B2B company to effectively position itself, it will need to have a measurable marketing plan in place. Need more leads?

We can help!

Benefits of Our Marketing Services for Financial Services

Demographic Targeting

What every B2B digital marketing strategy has in common is effective targeting, which can be defined and refined. At the exploration stage, we seek to understand the characteristics, needs, and targeting of your key audience. This will enable us to craft key messaging that resonates with them at every stage of the execution process.

Social Media

Social media is here to stay, and as a B2B brand, it needs to be a part of your digital marketing. According to statistics, 60% of buyers check out new service providers on social media, making it a more commonly used source of information sourcing than formal referrals and recommendations.

Marketing Integration

To get the most of your marketing efforts, integrating your online and offline marketing strategy is a must. We will intertwine both avenues seamlessly through media relations with a focus on services offered by your brand.

Content Marketing

Our Content Marketing strategy for B2B revolves around producing quality content that informs potential clients of your business offerings and the value proposition contained therein.

Email Marketing

From experience, we have discovered that weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletters are one of the best methods of generating leads for the B2B industry. With Email Marketing, your business can actively reach out to existing clients, past clients, and propose your product/services to prospects in a more personalized way.

Our Digital Marketing Process at Pandora Agency

A Dedicated Accounts Manager
With over a decade of advertising across social media platforms, we are vast in the knowledge of what has worked and what hasn’t within these platforms. We will help you reduce costs while increasing results.

Custom Advertising Strategy
Do not spend another advertising budget without an advertising strategy. Our strategies are customized to your business and marketing goals. This will include a sales funnel converting prospects to paying customers across the social media platforms you seek to adopt finally. 

Engaging & Interactive Ads
We create ad copies as well as content that engages your prospects. This is one of many prerequisites to ads we make. We will also carry out A/B tests to determine which ads are mostly identified and converted. 

Measurements and Reporting
We develop detailed weekly reports addressing your ad performance as well as the amount spent. We keep an eye out on your campaigns, ensuring the optimal performance of ads that convert.

Why Choose Pandora Agency

We understand that your brand needs to gain as much awareness as possible to begin generating results, so we are ready to start brand positioning for your business when you are!

You don’t have to break the bank to create a long term marketing plan for your business. Engage any of our services today, and we guarantee excellent results within your stipulated budget.

Add-On Services
We are a full-scale marketing and communications agency, and we understand the nuances of the digital world.