Every Brand, NGOs inclusive, needs Marketing

Our first actionable step in incorporating marketing for NGOs will be the development of a marketing strategy.

This custom strategy will contain details of the organization’s brand awareness strategy, reputation management growth plan, and more while promoting and maintaining its vision and values.

How to “Make a Difference” with Our Marketing Services for NGOs

Website Design

Your website is probably the first level of interaction you will have with potential donors and or volunteers. This will be a professionally designed, easy to navigate website that offers insight into what your NGO is about.

Social Media

Like any other organization, with the help of social media, it is easier for NGOs to launch a campaign, reach out to a particular class of audience - possible donors, volunteers, social workers, and other defined users.


To respond to your cause, they need to understand why your NGO exists and the social gap it seeks to fill. And this is where great content comes in. Valuable content enables you to tell your story honestly, which will, in turn, generate support for your organization.

Why Your NGO Needs Pandora Agency

Marketing for nonprofits is unlike marketing in any other industry. As opposed to driving leads, sales, and profits, your organization seeks awareness, donations, and volunteers. This requires a different mindset, skillset, and team (like us) to send the right messages and accomplish your goals as a not-for-profit organization.

Utilizing digital marketing for your NGO is sure to skyrocket your organization’s growth and expand your audience’s reach – potential donors. With a measurable strategy in place, your organization will experience the following;

  • Increase in Donations
  • Influx of Volunteers
  • Grants and Funding Opportunities
  • Relevant Partnerships in the Corporate world

Ready to get started?