Importance of Personal Branding



A personal brand is intrinsic; it starts from conception and continues as one evolves. It is who you are and your identifier within a defined niche. However, that is not enough; a Personal brand is the combination of your capabilities and efforts through a deliberate process of perception building.


In the words of Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” It controls your whole existence, and it should open doors for you in an otherwise crowded space. If your personal brand isn’t doing this, perhaps a review is in order, as recent research shows that your reputation, be it digital, helps 70% of today’s employers form an initial employment decision about you. This is to say that your presence on the internet and physical interactions now defines you to people who others would have never met you. The advent of platforms such as Google and Linkedin has simplified the process wherein a quick search by a potential recruiter, partner, or investor will provide insights into your thought process, things that interest you and so on. Therefore, what you like, share, comment on concerning your brand matters.


Building a personal brand equates lending your name a voice, giving power to your innate capabilities and driving the social force of your community concerning what you are most passionate about. Contrary to what most associates with personal branding, it is not limited to only a group of successful people of a given age group.


To stand out in a rather crowded marketplace either as a careerist and or a business owner, creating a defined perception of who you are, what you stand for and what value you bring forth is what a Personal Brand is. In building a personal brand, your values and experience reflect why people should pay attention to what you have to say enough to listen and eventually win over their trust. Sounds easy, right? A survey carried out by Career Builder reported that 54% of employers in 2018 failed to hire applicants because their content on social media did not align with the job they applied for nor the company’s policy. 

Why You Need Personal Branding

Furthermore, the recent pandemic has reaffirmed the efficiency of working from home and how workers’ integrity helps promote the company’s image. In precise terms, personal branding is important; the value of you as an individual project within a predefined niche; can be based on your hands-on experience or expertise. 


Let’s take a cursory look at some of these personal brands PANDORA has on board to build on the importance of personal branding.


One can say his reputation helped open doors for him in those markets. He is a thought leader who has gained wide recognition and investment opportunities by investing in his brand. Indeed, building a personal brand is all-encompassing as it goes before you and gets the groundwork done.



The importance of building a personal brand can no longer be downplayed, and it is equally not too late to start now. You do not have to be pre-known, nor do you have to have a certain status in society; all needed is YOU, being honest with yourself and ready to do the groundwork behind the scenes. Therefore, pick up your antecedents, fine-tune them and find a personal branding agency to guide you through niche carving, being genuine, documenting your lessons and living your brand because, with it, your visibility will sell everything attached to you.